Price per day
19.04-28.06 29.06-31.08 01.09-31.10
per Person 35.00kn 50.00kn 35.00kn
Pitch standard 50.00kn 80.00kn 50.00kn
Laundry 23.00kn 23.00kn 23.00kn
Electricity 23.00kn 23.00kn 23.00kn
Dog or Cat 15.00kn 15.00kn 15.00kn
Camp Package* 140.00kn 180.00kn 140.00kn
* the package includes the placement, up to 3 people, electricity, water, sanitary facilities, tax

Flat Rate for the year 2014:

With limitation: signatory of the contract + 6 people

Without limitation: unlimited number of people, based on trailer capacity

Residence tax:

Per person per day      5.00kn


The prices are for information only. The owner keeps the right to allow up to 20% discount